Thursday, July 29, 2010

A £2million bill for Bill!

Lovely caption by the London Metro Newspaper of Wednesday, July 28, 2010 regarding the upcoming, highly anticipated wedding of Chelsea Clinton, 30 to her Wall Street financier fiancĂ© Marc Mezvinsky, 32. It’s no surprise that the wedding is being kept super-secret. Chelsea who never gives interviews, we hear, has sown everyone to secrecy. Having such famous and high-powered parents – former US President, Bill Clinton and former First Lady and current Senator Hillary Clinton, details about the super-bash are slowly starting to leak out. According to London Metro, the estimated 400 wedding invites will include Tony Blair, Steven Spielberg, Sting and Barbara Streisand. Boston-based Bryan Rafanelli is the Wedding Planner.

Included in the wedding bill is a Glass-walled air-conditioned tents and £10,000 mobile toilets. No expense is being spared for the wedding of the year of this only child. Dad better find his chequebook! We are looking so looking forward to the details of this wedding extraordinaire. Watch out for our future posting on this.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Choosing your Venue

Following the response we have received on our tips for picking a wedding cake, we will be offering more tips to help you make the right decisions regarding different aspects of your celebrations. Here are some tips on picking that ‘perfect’ venue.

  • Firstly, don’t be in a hurry to choose a venue. Your venue should match your style, fit the number of guests you are hosting, fit the sort of entertainment you want for your celebration, have the right access you want for your vendors, fit the flow of your day amongst others. Before deciding on a venue, you need to sit down and make a checklist of what sort of venue is appropriate for your celebration. If you choose the wrong venue, it might cost you more to design it to your style.
  • Don’t get lost in choosing something to impress or out do your guests. A wedding or special event is personal and should reflect you.
  • Don’t choose a venue, especially within the UK, simply for its outside grounds. The weather is the one thing you cannot control or plan for even with the best weather forecast. If you choose a venue because of its grounds and it does rain, you will be stuck inside!
  • Check for restrictions! Most venues will not allow anything on their walls, dancing with high heels or external vendors. Some venues have sound meters, bar restrictions – really, the list goes on. You need to read the small prints and ensure that the venue fits perfectly with the type of celebration you are planning.
  • Remember your budget. Do not forget that other elements add on such as flowers, linens, draping, lighting, sound, staging etc to the final cost to the final production. For example if you choose a historic Palace with high ceilings you’ll need to fill the space with something and that will eat into your budget.
  • Also consider logistics. This is very important. You want your guest to have an overall enjoyable experience. If you are expecting out of town guests, consider a venue with accommodation or nearby hotels and offer different accommodation types and budgets. Also ensure you provide little bits that they will need. If your ceremony will be off site make sure it’s no longer than 20 minutes away by car… no one really wants to travel too long from a ceremony – especially if it’s a hot summer’s day!
  • Ensure no renovation or construction will be going on during your event.
  • Book your venue on time; the best venues really don’t wait around especially if you are planning your event during peak season and over the weekend.
  • Do not forget to check and test the ventilation system. You do not want your Ice Sculpture melting or your guests fanning themselves because the air conditioning system is not functioning or guest freezing due to little or no heating. Check that these systems can be regulated to suit your room especially where a central system exist.
  • This might sound obvious but check and test that the ovens work properly especially if you are planning to hire outdoor caterers. You do not want your dinner cooking forever!