Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Conceptualising Designs

2012 is already in full swing; it’s February already! It is going to be a busy year for us as we are signing up more clients, building up relationships with venues and new suppliers and working towards starting our own cake and cake decorating shop for wedding cakes, celebration cakes, cupcakes and novelty cakes. Watch out for more information.

For our client’s who are getting married this year, we are at different phases of the design process and so I will like to share some thoughts on designing your event.

Designing an event goes way beyond what the room looks like. Designing your event will require that you harvest your inspiration from many places. Inspiration can be in the fabrics, magazines, favourite holiday destinations, the flowers, the space (venue), or the time of year. Wherever you find it, when you start conceptualising your event, remember to design your entire event. What I mean by this is to create a thread that will weave your event from the beginning (the invitation) to the end and after (thank – you – notes). It should all work together cohesively, building a full experience. This thread can be a colour, the elegant atmosphere, a fun theme, the menu, the interactive entertainment, or the worthy cause. Find the thread that works for you and then communicate it through your printed materials, your decor design, your menu, the guest experience, EVERYTHING.