Friday, February 8, 2013

Centre Pieces for Wedding Receptions

It has been a while since I wrote a piece.  2012 was a busy year for us as we experienced significant growth in different arms of our business especially the cake and invitation/card making sides of our business.  I will be sharing some of our designs at some point and I will be talking about some lovely couples we worked with and their testimonials.

We have started consulting and securing bookings for 2013.  One of the things we do well is to help couples create a beautiful day within their budgets.  Whilst consulting with a client recently, we realised that her budget could not accomodate the sort of centrepiece arrangement she wanted for her day.  We looked at other options and finally came up with a cheaper option that will give the same effect and ambience she wants for her big day.

When picking a centre piece arrangement, always remember that fresh flowers are expensive.  Seasons, colours, type of flower etc all add to the cost. Also, the more flowers you have in an arrangement, the more expensive the arrangement will cost.  I advise clients to think of how to use other elements to substitute or complement flowers; that way you use less flowers but still bring in the freshness they introduce to a decor.  Example:  Use candelabras with taper candles (use non flame candles if the venue objects to open flames).  Add little flower arrangements for freshness:

Candelabras come in different heights so you can create a high centre piece effect or a lower one.  Mirrors, rose petals and votives can also be used.

There are so many elements that can be used as centrepieces to create a nice table setting without breaking a bank.